Challenge #12

How can we …

reduce food waste in households in ghent?


City of Ghent – Environment and climate department

Our mission is to move our city to a sustainable and climate neutral city.

Involved SDG's

#2 – Zero hunger

#11 – Sustainable cities & communities

#12 – Responsible consumption & production


  • Dutch
  • English

Problem description

40% of our food is being wasted at home. We buy too much, don’t eat all of it, forget that we still have it, etc.

How can we impact people’s behavior and reduce the amount of food being wasted?

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What has been done already?

There are several initiatives taking place already in the city such as het Niets-is-Verloren festival, feeding the 5000 and the introduction of the ‘Restorestje’ that allows you to doggy bag the food that you don’t eat at the restaurant.

What are the next steps?

Develop and test methods to tackle this problem.

Expected outcome

Pilot outcomes that can be scaled up.