Challenge #16

How can …

The city of ghent stimulate entrepreneurs, companies & shop-owners to invest in renewable enery, sustainable mobility and low energy buildings?


City of Ghent – Environment and climate department

Our mission is to move our city to a sustainable and climate neutral city.

Involved SDG's

#9 – Industry, innovation & infrastructure

#11 – Sustainable cities & communities

#12 – Responsible consumption & production

#13 – Climate action


  • Dutch
  • English

Problem description

The city of Ghent offers subsidies and coaching to make the transition to renewable energy, sustainable mobility and low energy buildings, but the amount of entrepreneurs, companies or shop-owners that make use of it is very limited.

We would like them to use these services much more so the transition goes faster and they have the feeling that the city is there to help them. This is important for the city since Ghent aims to be a climate neutral city by 2050. We also signed the Convenant of Mayors and engaged ourselves to have 30% less CO2 emissions by 2030 (compared to 2007).

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What has been done already?

On the website you can find more information (in Dutch) about the services that are already offered to the entrepreneurs, companies and shop-owners.

What are the next steps?

Analyze why they don’t make use of the services

Propose possible solutions to solve the problems that come out of the analysis

Expected outcome

Action plan with several propositions