Challenge #18

how can we …

easily assess whether a residential property can be renovated to meet the energy efficiency goals or not?


City of Ghent – Environment and climate department

Our mission is to move our city to a sustainable and climate neutral city.

Involved SDG's

#7 – Affordable & clean energy

#11 – Sustainable cities & communities

#12 – Responsible consumption & production

#13 – Climate action


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Problem description

There is a huge amount of older energy inefficient houses in the City of Ghent. Sometimes it is advisable to demolish such a house and rebuild a new energy efficient house on the property. To meet the energy efficiency goals the property must have a natural gas consumption of max 70 kWh per m2).

This is a delicate matter and therefore we want to be able to objectively assess every house and give a strong and correct advice based on a toolkit or set of parameters. This should be an easy to use tool that can be incorporated in the existing service the city of Ghent already offers to all house owners from residential buildings.

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What has been done already?

For a long time we have been focusing on helping citizens to renovate their houses with grants, free advice on technical and financial issues and support throughout the renovation process. We offer this free service for all energy efficiency measures in residential properties in Ghent (

What are the next steps?

Identify the deciding parameters (technical, financial, environmental,…) that play a role when deciding whether a house can be renovated or should be demolished and rebuild.

Build the toolkit that can give a neutral advice based on these parameters.

Expected outcome

The toolkit / method / questionnaire