Challenge #2

How might we…

support people with a mental disability to take part in traffic?


G-sport Vlaanderen

Let people with a disability experience the joy of moving and doing sports.

Involved SDG's

#3 – Good health & well-being

#10 – Reduced inequalities


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Problem description

For a set of people with a mental disability it is not possible to understand and apply the traffic rules and regulations correctly. Because of this issue they cannot move around in traffic independently. This means they depend on others to get to their sports location or sports club. This is one of the biggest reasons they don’t join in sport or moving acitvities.

We think it is possible to make cycling possible for a limited set of these people, if they are supported by the right tools and methods to support them in traffic.

If they can cycle without the help of others, they are more independent and have more opportunities to join the sports or movement activities. Independent cycling can have a big impact on the caretakers as well since it reduces the burden of care.

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What has been done already?

There are solutions to track people with disabilities while they are cycling. This can only be used for people that can move in traffic.

The Center of advice for cycling (Fietsadviescentrum) gives advice to choose the right type of bike.

Training organisations for traffic safety don’t target people with disabilities.

What are the next steps?

Check whether it is possible to use the traffic sign database to build a solution.

Co-create with people from a rehabilitation center that already cycles regularly.

Build a tool, method, application, prototype, … to solve the problem.

Expected outcome

Product that supports people with a mental disability. This can be an application or something else.