Challenge #26

How can …

early investigation and home monitoring of sleeping problems improve quality of life for Parkinson patients?


Ghent University – Centre for Textile Science and Engineering

Research on textile materials, including smart textile systems

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#3 – Good health & well-being


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Problem description

Parkinson’s disease is known to cause sleeping problems for many patients. This is detrimental for their quality of life, particularly for the younger patients who are (still) working. The sleeping problems cannot always be solved through medication. Also, monitoring of sleeping problems is nowadays done in specialized sleeping labs, that usually have long waiting lists. The sleeping labs also monitor the sleep under strongly controlled conditions, that might not be representative for the home situation of the patient.

Yet, environmental factors can have significant influence on quality of sleep (especially with disturbed sleep): e.g. matrass comfort, temperature and humidity in the bedroom, presence of partner, sound, light,…

We believe nowadays technologies (e.g. online questionnaires, wireless sensors, smart textile solutions) offer opportunities to tackle this problem in a more advanced way.

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What has been done already?

Smart textiles development for monitoring.

What are the next steps?

Gathering data via a questionnaire

Development of a prototype sensor system

Expected outcome

A validated questionnaire

A prototype for a sensor system