Challenge #28

WHat if …

we can bake on solar energy?


VUB B-Phot

VUB’s Centre for Photonics research.

Involved SDG's

#1 – No poverty

#2 – Zero hunger

#7 – Affordable & clean energy


  • Dutch
  • English

Problem description

There is sunshine all over the world. Electricity however can’t be taken for granted in all parts of the world. The sun not only supplies us with heat and light but also is an important energy provider and all that for free and sustainable. With some skills and creativity solar energy can be widely used in our everyday life – e.g. in the kitchen as a solar oven.

Construct a solar oven, which uses solar energy to cook food or boil water. The project aims at developing various kits for constructing different versions of a solar oven. Look for a specific target audience you can include in the cocreation process.

This challenge is part of the PHABLABS 4.0 project promoting implementation of Photonics technoloies by youngsters. The goal is to build a solar oven, with help from photonics experts. The best teams of the project will join the European competition.

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What has been done already?

The technology and advice is available.

What are the next steps?

Define a target audience for this product and look for their specific needs & wishes

Create a prototype for this solar oven

Expected outcome

A solar oven