Challenge #29

How can we …

encourage students to keep our auditoria clean?


Green Office UGent

Advancing sustainability at Ghent University

Involved SDG's

#12 – Responsible consumption & production

#14 – Life below water

#15 – Life on land


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Problem description

At Ghent University eating and drinking is not allowed in the auditoria. Garbage cans (plastics, general waste and organic waste on some places) are placed outside at the entrance of the auditoria on purpose. Unfortunately after classes there is quite some garbage left in the room on and around the seats such as bottles, plastic wrapping but also food and tissues.

An even bigger problem is the chewing gum that is put on all kind of reachable and unreachable places: on the seats, the tables, in the hinges of the tables, on screws. This makes the removal very hard (even impossibel sometimes) and very time consuming.

We want to stimulate students to throw their garbage and chewing gum in the right garbage can outside tha auditorium. Maybe this can be done with some funny movie, a campaign, messages on the screens, …

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students are working on this challenge

What has been done already?

Nothing so far related to this specific problem. There have been campaigns for other issues.

What are the next steps?

Create a marketing campaign to tackle this problem

Expected outcome

Marketing campaign that can be executed as soon as possible.