Challenge #4

What if …

Artificial intelligence took over from boards and directors?



Making organizations ready for the future by capturing ideas and bring them to a lasting impact by using technology as a leverage and force for good.


Involved SDG's

#8 – Decent work & economic growth

#9 – Industry, innovation & infrastructure

#11 – Sustainable cities & communities

#16 – Peace, justice & strong institutions

#17 – Partnerships for the goals


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  • English

Problem description

What is the future of corparate governance? Will we still have directors and boards in 2050 or will they be replaced by technology? Maybe this is a bridge too far, but technology will definitely impact the structures of corporates and the decision making processes.

Are board of directors aware of this future and are they able to anticipate? Do they take into account the new ways of working and thinking on their level as well? And what is the impact of technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence on the corporate goverance?

What are ethical and legal implications of these changes? How can this benefit our world?

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students are working on this challenge

What has been done already?

We are writing a paper on the subject together with Guberna, the institue for director in Belgium.

What are the next steps?

Gather user feedback and do further research

Find different solutions

Create a prototype from different possible solutions

Validate the outcomes with boards, directors, …

Expected outcome

Report, presentation, movie, action plan, design sketches, prototype, … that shows a description of a feature / solution that provides business intelligence and insights for boards and directors on this topic.