Challenge #5

How can we …

educate citizens & government to use social media to discuss governmental issues?



We provide training, advice and monitoring for government sector and non profit.

Involved SDG's

#4 – Quality education

#8 – Decent work & economic growth

#9 – Industry, innovation & infrastructure

#10 – Reduced inequalities

#16 – Peace, justice & strong institutions


  • Dutch

Problem description

Social and online media change very fast. This lead to two kinds of people: people who are aware of this and continue to learn about the topic, and people who aren’t aware and lose the feeling of how to use new media. This leads to people that are information-rich and people that are information-poor.

This is a problem for governments since it is important for them to include everyone in their conversations and to hear the voice of every citizen. At this moment not all governments (or government employees) use social media, which leads to missed opportunities to include the social-media aware people. On the other hand you have governments that are very active on social media but that would like their citizens to become more social-media aware.

We offer an online academy for social media which is successful, but not everybody takes all the courses. We would like to change this.

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students are working on this challenge

What has been done already?

We already offer the online academy.

What are the next steps?

Look for different solutions to keep the fire burning such as gamification, …

Expected outcome

Report, presentation, plan of action on how to include these best practices in the tool.