Challenge #6

How can we …

measure the impact of an entrepreneurial training on young people not in employment, education or training?


YouthStart Belgium

YouthStart empowers young people seeking opportunities.

Involved SDG's

#1 – No poverty

#4 – Quality education

#8 – Decent work & economic growth

#10 – Reduced inequalities

#17 – Partnerships for the goals


  • Dutch
  • English
  • French

Problem description

YouthStart is a non profit organisation that builds the self-confidence of NEET’s (young persons Not in Employment, Education or Training) and opens up possibilities for them to achieve their ambitions. An eight-day training programme provides young people with the right knowledge, skills and mindset to begin employment, become entrepreneurs or pursue their education.

At the moment, YouthStart’s impact is measured with a pre- and post-test, but this is not ideal. There are several problems with the current solution we use (SurveyForce):

  • Students take the survey in class, which takes time and breaks the class spirit.
  • Not all the participants have the same level of language, technology, reading, … skills.
  • Long and a lot of repetition in the questions.
  • If we change the questions we lose the previous answers.
  • Processing of the results in done in complicated Excel sheets and is time-intensive.

It is very important to gather this feedback to be able to improve our trainings for this vulnerable group on the job market. Most of our participants are young people coming from poor or uneducated families and we want to give them the best chances possible. The results of the impact help us to convince partners to support us.

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students are working on this challenge

What has been done already?

We have a survey tool in place and analysis are made by hand with Excel pivot tables.

What are the next steps?

Update the contents of the survey based on feedback from trainers and participants and on information about entrepreneurial education.

Define an interactive, innovative and low budget way to execute the survey

Develop a prototype for the tool

Expected outcome

A report including recommendations on content, updated questionnaires, a benchmark of the solution and a prototype to execute the survey in an interactive and innovative way.