Challenge #1

How might …

(social media) influencers be an added value for international development organizations?


Plan International Belgium

Advancing children’s rights and equality for girls in over 75 countries.


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Problem description

International development organizations highly depend on private funding from individuals and corporate organizations to carry out their work. It becomes more and more competitive to raise these private funds, especially in these times of social media where everyone is flooded by advertising. Since NGOs need to be present in people’s minds at all times (not just during crisis), it’s important to create brand awareness and create a relationship with the audience. To overcome this saturation level many NGO’s already use trusted and well know ambassadors to carry out their message and stories.

But what about the (social media) influencers? 71% of consumers say they are more likely to make a purchase based on social media references, according to the Influencer Orchestration Network. Are they the new kind of ambassadors of your brand? Could they reach another audience (the millennials) and build up the brand awareness of an NGO? What are the risks of working with influencers?

We want to know: would it be an added value for our NGO to work with Belgian or international influencers, what kind of influencers would be suitable and how we can engage them to work with us? What about the influencers of our corporate partners? Do we need to apply the same ethical check mechanisms?

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What has been done already?

There has been no previous research done by us.

What are the next steps?

Marketscan of other International ngo’s who make use of influencers

Make a list of all types of influencers that would be suitable for our organization (same vision and mission)

Risk analysis of working with influencers

Develop a marketing strategy/ plan of action for finding the right kind of influencers for Plan International

Expected outcome

A presentation and a detailed plan of action on how to engage these influencers