FABLAB zwijnaarde

Ghent University has its own FabLab located in Zwijnaarde. It is part of the p3 lab which is a research lab used for industry collaborations.

What can I do in the FabLab?

Quick & dirty prototyping

Advanced prototyping

Prototyping as a service



3D printers

The Fablab has a set of 3D printers that can be used to print yourselves, but you can also let Kurt print the design for you. 

Laser cutter & engraver

With the laser cutter you can cut & engrave different materials such as MDF, paper, cardboard, foam, rubber, leather, metal, ..

CNC router table

The CNC router table can be used to cut and engrave larg & flat materials. 

CNC milling machine

The CNC milling machine can be used to mill larger materials like PUR, wood, …


Give plastic sheets (ABS, PET, polystyrene, …) a new form with a mold and this thermoformer.

Manual lathe

Manual lathe for turning small parts.


It's here!

Opening hours

Please contact Kurt before: 


Technolgiepark 915 (building C3)
9052 Zwijnaarde