De Krook

De Krook is a central meeting place for people from Ghent. It houses the city library, IMEC, Ghent University and other initiatives such as Ministry of Makers and de Startersfabriek.

What can I do in De Krook?

Meet people

Quick & dirty prototyping

Testing solutions



Art Science Lab

Research lab with facilities for 3D-audiorendering, movement captation & augmented reality. 

Co-creation lab

Research & education lab to kickstart innovations for and by users.

Control room

Research lab to observe the co-creation sessions, brainstorms, experiments or user tests.

Media experience lab

Research lab that looks like a living room and that is equipped with eyetracking tools, EEG-measurements and VR-glasses.

Media training center

A creative spot for everything related to audiovisual equipment: from recording to montage, from theory to pratice!

Maker space

Create prototypes of technological innovations that can be used in the other labs. 


It's here!

Opening hours

The library is open from Monday – Saturday from 10:00 – 19:00, on Thursdays to 21:00. 

To access the Ghent University facilities you need to contact Jeroen Bourgonjon


De Krook
Myriam Makebaplein 1
9000 Gent