The Foundry

The Foundry is Ghent University’s hub for creativity, innovation & entrepreneurship.

What can I do in The Foundry?

Quick & dirty prototyping

Meet people

Workshops / events / classes

Work on group projects



A ore elaborate list of equipent can be found on the website of The Foundry.

Cutting plotter

The cutting plotter can be used to cut vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, stencils, copper sheets, and many more materials that are available in thin sheets or rolls.

Heat transfer press

The heat transfer press can be used to attach heat transfer vinyl, or other materials that need heat to be transfered, to textiles.

A0 printer

The A0 printer can be used to make large color prints on many formats such as A0, A1, A2 or even bigger.

Cooking materials

We have two stoves, pots and pans and basic cooking materials available for food protopes. We also have a combi-microwave.

Hand tools

A set of hand tools is available such as screw drivers, saw, circular saw, sander, …

Quick & dirty prototyping materials

We have a series of quick & dirty prototyping materials available such as Play-doh, cardboard, glue, foam, …


It's here!

Opening hours

Our opening hours change from day to day. Check them via our Google Calendar.


Ghent University – The Foundry

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