Knowledge 4 all.

Knowledge4all is a university broad educational innovation project. The initiative started when we found out that students, in all disciplines, have to do exercises that are artificial and isolation.

This isolation can be tackled by having exercises where multiple disciplines are working around the same theme.

Learning by designing has been chosen as the teaching methodology, co-creation in particular. Co-creation is a way of designing where all stakeholders go through the same design process, from defining the problem to the evaluation of the prototype. The client will play a role in the whole process and partakes meetings.

Students from different disciplines will all do their challenges in consultation with the responsible teacher. Their challenge consists partly of the co-creation project. Students from Special Needs Education, for example, will interview the client, students from Economics will work on a business plan, law students will do research on liability, engineers will work on technical solutions, etc.


Advantages of Knowledge4all are:

  • The challenges will be realistic and will result in a tangible solution
  • Students will learn to see their challenge in a broad perspective (multiperspective)
  • Students can learn from other disciplines, broadening their view.
  • By explaining the challenges to each other, they’ll get a deeper knowledge of their own discipline.
  • Skills like communicating with colleagues from different disciplines,  sense of initiative, collaboration, solution-oriented working, etc, will be strengthened.


Knowledge4all is open for all disciplines, as long as there is a contribution to the co-creation project.

The content, goals, expected effort, follow-up and evaluation are the responsibility of the teacher involved.

The co-creation projects are defined in the university broad elective co-creation.


Check out what a participant has to say about knowledge4all in the video below!